What is a love tarot reading for marriage?

Get advice from the tarot cards for your marriage.
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Before starting your reading and choosing one of the tarot cards below, think about what is currently happening in your marriage.

It is a reading where the interpretations of the tarot cards are completely focused on love, feelings, loving compatibility between the couple, positive and negative points of their married life.
For this purpose, specific spreads are used for the emotional issues of married people.
Doing a specific tarot reading on marriage, as in the case of the Celtic cross for couples, gives more credibility and precision to the results obtained, as the entire analysis was prepared based on the assumption that there are two people living together, sharing ideas, feelings and desires.
The Celtic cross tarot reading for couples will analyze whether there is something blocking or hindering the loving relationship between you and your partner, perhaps you or your partner could unconsciously be doing something that disrupts the dynamics of the relationship.
A tarot reading can help you analyze the situation from another angle, providing you with useful advice to apply in your marriage.
Before starting your love reading with the tarot deck cards, look for a quiet place, where nothing or no one can disturb you, close your eyes and inhale and exhale several times, in order to relax your body and mind, concentrate exactly what you want to know, the more you can concentrate, the greater your chances of being successful in your reading.
If you are very nervous, anxious or have just been through a stressful situation, wait until these energies pass and then do your reading.
Oracles are very sensitive to the vibration around them and being emotionally shaken can compromise the final result of your reading.


How many cards should I pull in a tarot reading for marriage tips?

To receive tarot tips about marriage, you must focus closely on your relationship and choose just one of the cards below.

Can I ask tarot de same questions twice ?

No ! Avoid insisting on the same question in a short space of time, thus avoiding inaccuracies. Many people end up disbelieving the effectiveness of tarot readings due to doing several consecutive readings, creating a lot of mental confusion. Let a few days pass to read the tarot cards on the same topic to see whether or not there has been any change. If you want to clarify any fact that you are unsure about, look for another oracle other than the tarot deck.

Can I ask a question about someone else in tarot ?

Yes, you can ask about anyone you want ( lover, boyfriend, crush affair, husband, wife, boyfriend ), you just have to focus completely on this person, clearing your mind about your personal issues (about your life) so that the letters tarot cards answer about this other person you mentioned at the time of the reading. It all depends on your ability to concentrate.

Should I ask the same questions in tarot ?

It is not positive to keep asking the same question on the same day, as you may end up receiving a wrong (uncertain) answer. Generally, those who do this are because they didn't like the tarot's answer, because it didn't say what the person would have liked to have heard. If you are unable to clarify what you wanted to know in a reading, look for a different oracle and repeat the same question.

Como as cartas de tarot podem ajudar você e seu casamento ?

- Promovendo uma visão rápida sobre qualquer questão afetiva.
- Desvendando fatos e as oportunidades que estão em seu caminho afetivo.
- Aconselhando e orientando sobre a melhor forma de lidar com seu parceiro ( marido / esposa ).
- Ajudando você com suas inseguranças.
- Alertando contra riscos.
- Auxíliando no processo de evolução e desenvolvimento espiritual.
- Mostrando se há compatibilidade amorosa entre você e seu parceiro.
- Revelando seus potenciais.
- Mostrando tendências futuras.
- Melhorando seu auto conhecimento emocional.
- Descobrindo áreas de seu casamento que precisam ser melhoradas.
- Contribuindo com a melhoria do diálogo em seu relacionamento.
- O tarot pode ajudar a melhorar a dinâmica da relação entre você e seu parceiro.
- Dar dicas de como manter acesa a chama do amor, evitando que a rotina esfrie a relação.

How to phrase your love tarot reading questions ?

Many people find it difficult to formulate the right questions for the tarot, especially when the theme is love and emotional relationships, even asking confusing questions, which prevents the oracle from giving a reliable (correct/assertive) answer. Try to ask direct, specific, objective and clear questions, avoid double-meaning questions or should I do this or that? Don't ask questions wanting to know specific dates, names of people or places.

Questions starting with: What? Which ? Why ? Where ? As ? tend to work best in tarot readings.

Love is undoubtedly the most discussed topic in psychic readings with clairvoyants and fortune tellers, everyone wants to know what destiny has in store for them emotionally.
Love has no race, no age, when it arrives in our lives it is capable of causing great transformations, which can be positive (when everything goes the way we planned) or negative
(when things don't flow as we would like or as planned).
The readings of love tarot can be very useful in several aspects, for those who are alone, it is possible through the cards, to receive tips and advice on dating, flirting and conquest, to analyze the degree of love compatibility between you and another person, in addition to checking the potential affective that can be developed, allowing that before even starting any type of involvement, you already know what to expect and what not to expect from this person, let's say that the tarot would give you a map of the situation, so you would only open up I would do it if I re ally thought it was worth it.
For those who are dating or already experience some type of emotional connection (marriage/romance), a love tarot reading can be beneficial so that you better understand the desires and wishes of being a partner, so that you can check how the harmony between you both is. , which relationship issues need to be improved and which points are important to continue investing in. 
Within the subjects covered in online tarot readings, love is always the most questioned, and to meet all this search by consultants for rune readings on marriage and relationships, different types of spreads for love readings were created.
Finding a soulmate, an ideal partner or maintaining a balanced love relationship requires a lot of dedication and willpower, many people end up not being able to deal with this task on their own, seeking help from psychics and fortune tellers so that they can clarify the facts, unravel embarrassing situations, find out if your partner is lyin g or hiding something, whether they can be trusted or not or even find out if an ex-partner misses you.