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The love Gypsy tarot cards answer your doubts on relations and love, giving useful
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The yes-no tarot reading clarifies, advises, answers and guides you to success.
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Lenormand love cards reading "yes or no" is a quick and practical way to get answers from the cards in the petit Lenormand deck.
For this spread, the questions must be clear and objective and completely focused on the "yes or no" theme.
Most people believe it is one of the simplest ways to read cards, however this type of reading is not as simple as it seems, as the same card can symbolize a yes to a question and a no to another question.
A correct, assertive and reliable interpretation requires a very thorough analysis, so that it can be credible. The best option is to use this spread, as an additional confirmation, using a more comprehensive and effective spread first.
Here on the tarot of love website we offer some types of free online yes or no consultation.
In addition to a yes or no answer, you will find useful tips, advice and messages so that you can gain a better understanding of your current situation.
Before starting your consultation, focus carefully on what you want to ask Lenormand yes or no.

Yes or no Love Lenormand Reading

How to ask yes or no questions to Lenormand oracle cards?
Preparing the right questions is what results in success and assertiveness in an online card reading. Yes or no questions for the Lenormand cards must be clear, objective and specific yes or no. Avoid using questions starting with: Should I? Why ? Where ? Can ? As ? as they do not usually work well in this type of reading. Examples of Lenormand yes or no questions:

(person's name) loves me?
(person's name) do you want me?
Are my partner and I heading in the right direction?
(person's name) will you call me?
Will (person's name) date me again?
Is (person's name) trustworthy?
Is today a good day for love?

Don't use the yes or no spread for complex questions that involve big changes and long-term situations.

Are the Lenormand "yes or no" love readings accurate?
There are several ways to read the Lenormand, among them there is the "yes or no" spread, a very popular type of spread and used both in online consultations (virtual) and in readings via chat, cell phone, telephone and even in person. The problem with this type of approach is that it is not suitable (and safe) for complex and deep questions, and should only be used on very superficial questions, or as a means of confirmation, right after having played the cards with another more complete method. . The reading of yes or no is based on the fixed meanings of each card (each card is associated with a yes or no), however this rule does not work for any type of subject, and this association may change according to the subject of the query.

Example: Card 1 the Rider is linked to a "Yes", as it shows open paths, however for things to happen the querent will have to have constant initiative and not allow themselves to be discouraged in the face of possible obstacles. So it's not a yes, with a guarantee, everything will depend on how the consultant acts. Let's say the question is: Will I get back with my ex? The Rider leaves = yes answer, however if the querent does not have initiative, does not use communication to his advantage, or loses encouragement in the face of the first setbacks, he will not be able to rekindle the relationship and the answer will not be confirmed over time. It is necessary to be careful when using this type of reading, the ideal is to use another spread before and after using the yes or no as a support.

Which cards are yes and no in Lenormand card reading?
These are the cards that answer yes or no with the Lenormand (petit Lenormand deck)

These are positive cards (answer yes): 29- bouquet - 18 - dog - 13- child - 24- heart - 30- lily - 31- sun - 33 - key - 34- fish.

These are neutral cards with a positive tendency, and must be analyzed case by case: 1 - Rider  - 3 - ship - 4 - house - 35 - anchor, 5 - tree - 16 - star - 17 - stork - 20 - garden - 25 - ring.

They are neutral cards and can be answered either positively (yes) or negatively (no) depending on each subject addressed: 12 - the birds - 22 - paths - 19 - tower - 26 - book - 27 - the letter - 28 - the man - 29 - the woman .

They are neutral cards with a tendency to negativity (no) depending on the theme of the question and the circumstances: 2 - the clover - 8- coffin, 10 - scythe -11- whip - 14 - fox.

These are negative cards, answering no: 6 - clouds - 7 snake - 15 - the bear - 21 - the mountain - 23 - mouse - 32 - moon - 36 - the cross.

Some fortune tellers also take into account the suit of each card when answering yes or no with the Lenormand cards, as follows:

Cups - answer yes (positive - favorable to your question)
Clubs - No (obstacles - setbacks)
Pentacles - Neutral (doubts - uncertainties)
Swords - No (negative - contrary to your interests)

​What does the Lenormand love "yes or no" reveal ?

The Lenormand love yes or no reveals subjects from his sentimental daily life. This spread is very positive for you to use in your daily questions about love and relationships (simple situations) such as: Will he call today? Will she want to leave? Will he unblock me? Will she send a message? Did he think of me today? .
For any type of clear and objective question about dating, marriage or any type of relationship, the Lenormand love yes or no can be used.
Before starting your reading, find a quiet place, clear your mind of all kinds of bad situations, focus on what you want to know and start your free online Lenormand love card reading.