Free love Lenormand 3 card weekly reading online 24/7.

 Understand better the events of your love life occurred in the last week.
Check it out what the astral has for your emotional life this week and get prepared for next week.
The Lenormand oracle cards show how to enhance your love relationship.
The on-line 3-card reading is a complete reading of petit Lenormand oracle for love.

The Love Lenormand weekly prediction reading is a specific type of reading for matters of the heart (emotions, feelings, love destiny, emotional compatibility) so that you can understand how love is likely to flow in your life in the coming days (weeks) Where to focus ? What to do ? What not to do? What does destiny tend to offer you next week in love?.
The reading with 3 cards involves aspects about last week (past), this week (present moment and next week (future).
The Lenormand cards are an oracle composed of 36 numbered cards, with illustrations and common card suits.
Your creation is associated with the famous French fortune teller Anne Marie Lenormand, although there is no concrete evidence that she created it and used it in her esoteric consultations. In addition to being a clairvoyant, Lenormand also read coffee grounds (capheomancy), worked with pendulums (radiesthesia), He was a palmist
(he read the lines on the hand) and an astrologer. Try a 100% free online consultation now and see how the gypsy tarot can help you find the answers you need to calm your heart.
Before starting any of our readings free, find a quiet place where no one can disturb your concentration, clear your mind of any negative situation, meditate for a few minutes on what you want to ask about the Lenormand cards this week and then start reading. Read carefully the messages and advice that the petit Lenormand deck has for your love life these days.

Concentrate well on your love life and click to start your on-line free  oracle reading.

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Can I read Lenormand Cards every day ?

No, if you ask the same question! You can't want to know about whether every day, as no vibration tends to change in such a short time. Avoid insisting on the same question, in a short time, thus avoiding inaccuracies.
Many people end up discrediting the effectiveness of Lenormand and others oracles about love because of making several consecutive readings, even creating great mental confusion.
Let a few days spend to read the letters on the same theme, to see whether or not there has been any change. 
Lenormand cards can be read daily as a kind of horoscope in order to get tips, insights and counseling and general guidance on love and relationship.

Can I read Lenormand oracle cards at night ?

Yes, you can read the Lenormand cards whenever you need, the readings are not conditioned to any specific period of the day.
Carry out your readings whenever you are calm and balanced.

Love Lenormand cards reading accurate ? 

Love Lenormand reading is accurate, however for a reading to be positive, several aspects need to be observed.
Finding a harmonious environment, knowing how to ask the right questions for this type of oracle, having a balanced mind and focused on what you want to ask about your love life is fundamental to a good experience.
Looking for an experienced Lenormand reader or a reliable website will also help with the final result of your reading.

How can a Lenormand card reading about love help in everyday life ? 

- Clarifying facts about your love life that you cannot understand.
- Advising and guiding on the best way to deal with emotions.
- Warning against risky relationships
- Helping you make decisions and make better choices.
- Revealing future affective trends.
- Promoting a quick overview of any love issue.
- Guiding you on important changes that benefit your romantic life.
- Discovering your strengths in achievement.
- Helping you with your insecurities.
- Uncovering the challenges and opportunities that lie in your emotional path.
- Increasing your intuition.

Which card in the petit Lenormand represents love?

All 36 cards in the Petit Lenormand deck have some connection with love, either in a positive way (in favor of the situation) or in a negative way (against the situation), but the cards that most represent affection are the cards:

24 - The heart = card linked to the suit of cups (jack), associated with the water element, the sign of lion, which symbolizes true feelings, human warmth, passion, romanticism, reconciliation, empathy and compassion.

25 - The ring = card linked to the suit of clubs (Ace), associated with the fire element, the sign of Libra, which symbolizes associations, partnership, union, commitment, promises, cycles, relationships
(friendship, boyfriend, husband, wife) , cooperation, agreement, bond, pact and marriage.

Which Lenormand cards indicate betrayal ?

The card in the gypsy deck that is most associated with the issue of betrayal is the card: 7 - the snake, however it is necessary to analyze the entire context in which it comes out, and it is not possible to say 100% that a betrayal was consummated just because this card appeared in the game, it is necessary to check the combinations of cards formed around to be sure.

Other cards that may suggest betrayal or infidelity are:

Letter 6 - The clouds - as it is a card that speaks of the impossibility of seeing things accurately.
Letter 14 - The fox - clever, trickster person, prone to wanting to deceive, doing things without you noticing (behind your back)
letter 26 - The book - secrets kept for some time and situations hushed up.

What to ask Lenormand about love ?

You can ask anything you want about love from the petit Lenormand deck, from unresolved situations from your sentimental past, things about the present moment (current), to asking about your future in love (destiny). It is possible to find out about separation, divorce, the possibility of a possible reconciliation, what to do after an argument, how to keep a person (man or woman) in love, analyze the degree of compatibility between you and a future suitor, get advice on how to overcome the end of a union (dating or marriage) and even how to find a new boyfriend.

How to ask questions about love with Lenormand ?

Preparing the right questions is what will contribute to the success of your reading of Lenormand of Love, many people encounter difficulties at this very important moment of the consultation, creating confusing questions, with double meanings or with biased themes. Try to create clear and objective questions, asking one thing at a time.

Questions starting with: What ? which ? Why ? As ? usually give more positive results in Lenormand readings about love.

Examples: How does he/she feel about me ? What is the fate of my current relationship ? Why is he moving away ? How to talk to my partner.

Questions starting with: Where ? Should I ? Can ? They don't usually flow well in love readings.

Examples: Where to find a boyfriend ? Should I travel with my boyfriend ? Can I trust him/her ?

How to know the future in free love ?

By doing a free online love reading with Lenormand, you will discover what the future holds for you emotionally, how love tends to flow in your life, what to do to have a happy future with the one you love, the fate of your relationship , what obstacles you may face, your sentimental future, etc.
To know the future in love, you need to think about what you want to know in the long term, emptying (clearing) your mind of facts from your past and your present moment.

What is the best tarot for love ?

All types of tarot decks are good for love matters, however the petit Lenormand deck is one of the best decks to use when the subject being questioned is love. Known as the gossip deck, it is famous for not hiding anything, being able to reveal the most hidden and darkest details surrounding your love life.
For your consultation to be reliable and assertive, try to concentrate well before using any of our virtual games. If you are very anxious, nervous or have just experienced a stressful situation, wait until your energy rebalances, and then make your appointment with peace and tranquility.
We remember that oracles are sensitive to all types of vibrations around them (people, noises, touched nerves), which can influence the result of their readings. Being in a harmonious environment and with a calm mind contributes to positive and reliable results.

How does the Lenormand of love yes or no work ?

Lenormand's yes or no reading is a spread that aims to answer very simple, clear and objective questions, where a "yes or no" already allows you to obtain better guidance on the situation. For this type of reading, asking complex and deep questions should be avoided.
A yes or no test is not as simple as it seems, and it is more advisable to use this game as a confirmation reading, right after using a more comprehensive game.
Although each Lenormand card is associated with a positive (yes) or negative (no) meaning, depending on the topic covered, this classification can be changed, so you need to be careful  when reading Lenormand cards with yes or no answers.

How many Lenormand cards should I draw in a love reading ?

The number of cards to be drawn may vary from spread to spread, but the most important thing is not to draw more or less cards but to know how to correctly interpret what each card symbolizes.
It is better to draw just one Lenormand card and get a good reading, than to try to use a large spread like the Celtic cross and get confused during the interpretation, putting the accuracy of the reading at risk. For the reading available above, just click on the image, and let our interactive system draw the 3 Lenormand cards relating to last week, this week and your next sentimental week.